Technically Im Diagnosed With Unspecified Dissociative Personality Disorder

im 15 years old
and i have DID (used to be called MPD)
technically im diagnosed with unspecified dissociative personality disorder but i cant be diagnosed with DID till im 18 my doctor just says thats most likely the case
i have 7 alters and switch out on average once a day from minutes to days
its weird being so young and having to deal with something so serious
ive had the disorder since i was 4 but didnt have to face it till this year when i was professionally diagnosed so i cant run from it anymore
i havent even had my first job yet or got my permit im so worried i wont be able to live my own life
and my parents think it makes me dangerous but this isnt some hollywood movie my alters arent violent and ive never hurt anyone or myself when switched but they dont trust me since the diagnosis and wont even let me see anyone
i just dont know how im gonna survive highschool while im trying to educate my parents and be a teenager at the same time while dealing with a life changing disorder
if you have any advice please give it im gonna need

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