Sophies black to back

It was a Saturday night and my wife and I had been flirting all day and the drinks began to flow in the evening when I escaped to Sophie’s house, my sister in law to pull out her black sheer thong from her lingerie drawer. I took a shower and told my wife to put on her black thong. while on her back I pulled down my wifes panties and began to lick them and quickly swapped out wife’s panties for Sophies. It was a very incestuous and erotic feeling to pull Sophies panties up my wifes legs and then see that triangle of sheer black that rests on Sophies pussy now on her sisters shaved pussy. I placed my head there and brought my wife’s hands down to her soaking wet box and had her play with her sisters panties. My wife pulled the panties into one thin line and slipped it in her crack of her pussy to smother them in her sex nectar. We fucked and I pulled Sophies off, got up the next morning cleaned them and went back to place them where I got them. I love knowing that these 2 beautiful sisters are sharing more than they know

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