In Love (Sissy)

Since being caught by my now ex wife in her panties and garter belt on my knees sucking a cock, and confessing I am a sissie fag, I have met this man, David, and he has completely dominated me and has made me his little bitch I now am so feminized and love being humiliated and dominated by him,he has me sucking all his friends cocks and serving his every need and if he reads this I want him to know I love and worship him ,he has a real mans size cock, and the best tasting cum I have ever tasted ,I am your sissie bitch forever

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  1. Sweetie I am so happy for you. The same thing happened to me in my very early thirties. When I divorced my wife I met a an extremely handsome and sexy black man named Marcus. He also dominated me and shared me with his buddies. I was so under his spell and control, I would have done anything for Marcus. I truly loved him. I had never been happier both sexually and personally. Unfortunately after two years of absolute sexual bliss and growth as a true sissy for Marcus, he returned to Chicago. He did not ask me to go with him. I was heart broken. After a few months I was better and began to be grateful to Marcus for showing me a truly wonderful life altering experience. That was many years ago, but I would do it all over again for him.

  2. The best thing that happened to a lot of us was to get caught by our wives all dressed up and having sex with a man.Many of us try to dress and act like men because society says that is the way we are supposed to dress and act but deep down inside we are miserable .We live like we are expected to as long as we can then one day we cant take it any more ,the urge to dress and act feminine is too strong and over powers us and we have to dress up in womens clothing , do our hair and put some makeup on .That helps us out a lot but to be totally happy we have to find a man or men and suck their cocks and get our sissy asses fucked. As soon as we get some cock our lives begin to feel normal again

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