Waste of Sperm

I have been a faggot most of my adult life. I joined the army in 1984 when the military had a don’t ask don’t tell policy. I meet this girl from an Army buddy and decided to hide my sexuality by marrying her.

Luckily she had a son from a previous marriage so I wouldn’t have to be a biological father. We stayed married for 15 years. During those times I accidently got her pregnant. I didn’t want him but had to support it.

I had numerous sexual relations with different men during our marriage. Bareback Every time. I am now retired thanks to using her and that other kid as a cover. I don’t have anything to do with any of them. I told my biological son he was a waste of sperm.

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  1. I agree with Jdk, you really are a nasty piece of work. It is one thing to be disgusting, that is on you but your child did no wrong.

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