Perverse Fantasy

I know this will come across as intensely abhorrent and repulsive but I’ve been in love with my maternal aunt for the past ten years. These past few years have been spent hidden under a mask of secrecy and forced apathy each time I’ve met my aunt, only shaken by occasionally subliminal betrayals of impulse when I’ve contrived to accidentally brush my hand against her ***, or when I momentarily grope her breasts each time she deigns to hug me. She is 55 now, yet I continue to harbor feelings of forbidden lust for her. This repressed passion and desire has started to manifest itself in unsavory thoughts and fancies that are too perversely disturbing to contemplate. I’ve been fantasizing over the possibility of subjecting my aunt to violent rape for some months, and increasingly the desire to enact the fantasy in reality has become overwhelmingly compelling. Latterly, I’ve become oblivious to the heinous consequences of such a demonic act of incestuous depravity. I’ve even had a couple of opportunities to take advantage of her and play out my fantasy but thankfully better sense has prevailed thus far. I need serious help to brace myself to take the ultimate vile step or to make a clean fist of it and lay open my heart to her. I admit the upshot of a confession would be grave and I would probably be vilified, however, there is a slight probability that I may appeal to her passion and she may reciprocate given that her sex life for the past ten years is hardly likely to be fulfilling. It seems to me that each course of action would require infinite courage, cunning and resourcefulness, but the sheer fact that the more despicable course has a higher chance of success makes it more appealing and I’m not sure better sense can prevail much longer. Either way, I need help.

Confessed by: Haunted Soul
Gender: Male
From Country: United States

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