My Clarinet

My clarinet is a fetish to me. I have sex with it all the time. I love the way it feels and I love to cum inside of it.
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  1. Thats hot hi cflover

    but can you please tell me how you do that? how you have sex with your instrument….

    tell me/us all about it.

  2. How I do it Well first I put my clarinet together. Then, I blow into it to warm it up, sometimes I even
    play the lowest note on it a couple of times. It usually turns me on playing it and knowing
    that I’m about to have sex with it. I take my pants and underwear off and put my penis into the bell of the clarinet. I’ll take it out and put it back in to try to get it wet inside the clarinet to make it easier to have sex with it. Most of the time I’ll blow inside the clarinet to turn me on more and make it wetter until it feels wet enough inside it. Then I’ll put my hands at the top of the clarinet where the top keys and barrel are and put my penis inside it and move the bell up and down until I cum inside of the clarinet.

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