I let our dog lick my private parts

I let our dog lick my private parts i was ashamed with guilt for a while but we were at it the day just cant leave it alone, surely i cant be the only one, would like to hear from others

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  1. Are you a man or woman? I’m a guy. I was house-sitting once, watching porn and jacking off. The big male dog was very interested in my cock, my crotch, and my ass. When I realized this I got on my hands and knees and he ate my ass for a long time. I was encouraging him by playing with his penis. I wanted him to mount me. He tried several times but it didn’t work. Made me wonder if the lady of the house lets him eat her and fuck her.


  3. It happens i got caught by my mum with our dog i was so entranced i didn’t hear come in until i herd her say
    looks good, i was embarrassed to say the least with my legs wide and our dog licking my vagina and arsehole, mum assured it was ok and said we all guilty me included just keep it between us, we had a long discussion about it, and mum said do it any time, and added we could share

    • it would be really nice to share with your mum it was the operate with me i caught my mum in the kitchen sat on a chair with her legs open and no pants, i came home early i had forgotten my key looked through window and was about knock, when i saw my mum with her legs spread i know i should have kept watching but i was so turned on, mum got down on her hands and knees and pulled her skirt up and the dog mounted her he kept missing his aim several times i don’t think it was intended but her penetrated her anus and got stuck for a while mum just waited a while before she was free, wow

  4. My young daughter used to let our female dog lick her ass and cunt. But she grew out of it, unfortunately. I’d love to watch her be impaled and knotted by a huge dog cock, now that she’s a teenager.

    • So have you been penetrated as well , some dog cock between man dicking. Would you tell us about your own dog fucking pls. If you’re watching your daughter get dog fucked so must you be ? We’d all like to hear that.

  5. this kind of thing happened to me when I was kid about 3 years old. the dog would lick my bum and I would want to go to loo and poo in the grass and this neighbors dog woulld come up and lick me in bum etc and I didn’t even know or remember til older and felt bad about it. the dog would even eat the shit and if I was in a baby’s round wading pool I would have the hose and put it on my pussy area and it felt good and didn’t even know it was a dirty thing at 3. and the dog would come over and lick me in nude in pool alone and no parent in site to look after me so often. what the mother doing

  6. You’re fine. How old are you and are you a male or female? It’s naughty but that’s what makes it fun. Get completely naked when you do it. Is it a boy dog? Suck him. Bend over and let him hump you while you’re naked. You can smear yummy things on your privates and butthole so he’ll lick it off. If you get something thick like icing, honey, peanut butter, he’ll get in it really good trying to lick it all up. You might cum, that’s okay. I wish you could message me to talk about it.

  7. my mum caught our dog between my legs too when little x think it is something we all go through part of growing up xxx that’s if you have a dog in your family and alone lots xxx

  8. Man oe woman the sensation of the dogs wet tongue on your cock or pussy is a fantastic feeling that you just can’t get enough of.

  9. I to walk around town in a halter top, easy tit flashing, minni skirt no panties in case I see a guy who’s dick I want in me I can just bend over for easy access and I just walk around and let his jizz drop down my legs to the floor and every once in awhile I make sure there somebody close by to watch I just love it when there’s someone to watch a dick go in and out of me don’t that turn you on better when there’s two dicks

  10. I too walk around in a short skit no panties halter top for easy titty flashing windy days are the best I just let my skirt blow up not trying to hide anything and when I see a guys who’s dick I think I’d like in my pussy or my mouth I pretend to pick up something usually turning so my butt is flashing him that way he can have a look at my box!!! of goodie’s tell me what do you think. ? Like to hear your comments

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