For Twenty Years I Have Been A Sex-Slave To My Landlady And Her Husband

For twenty years I have been a sex-slave to my landlady and her husband, as they enabled my obsession with total enclosure bondage, humiliation, and breath-play/erotic asphyxia, in exchange for having absolute power and total control over me. Most of the time, I spend locked up in an ex-Russian Army bio-hazard suit of untearable nylon, heavily rubberized on both sides, with built-in gloves, socks, and helmet/gas mask.

I have an airtight zipper up the back, which can be locked shut with a short length of chain around the neck, and a padlock through this, and the metal zipper-tag. One-way glass in the goggles, lets me see out, while an anonymous all-black parcel, becomes my image. They happily assure me that it removes all humanity from me, reducing me to nothing more than a compliant sex-toy!

This is how I do all the housework and chores, cook meals, and give them the lengthy masturbation they demand, with my rubber-sheathed fingers. Every weekend, he brings in a bunch of his cronies, and I am locked up in a rubber-lined body-bag, with small zippers at my mouth and crotch.

They face-fuck me endlessly, one after the other, and a couple of them get off on some pretty heavy-duty cock-and-ball-torture, along with agonizing orgasm denial, while on Viagra, which can last all weekend! She likes to make love to this roped-up bag, with the nine-inch erection protruding, savoring the complete anonymity and dehumanization.

I am blissfully happy, and okay with the idea, that my condition is permanent, with no more than the occasional hour of restricted “freedom” like now……..

Submitted by: Jon D.

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  1. I can’t help myself, if I see a mans cock I want to suck it, sometimes they catch me staring at it and offer it to me, if I’m lucky

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