And I’m Not Going To Ask

My ex girlfriend already has a new boyfriend but she keeps coming back to me for sex.

When we broke up we hated each other, we couldn’t stand each other’s presence at all.

She got a new boyfriend like 2 weeks after breakup and I remained single.

She started doing the obvious, posting pictures on social media with him, of everything they do together and how good of a time she’s having with him.

Her behavior makes me think she does that just to pretend she doesn’t miss me.

Anyways, fast forward to present: we haven’t known from each other for days, and all of a sudden she shows up at my place pretending she wanted to visit the cats we once shared.

So I took her to my bedroom where the cats are and she played with them for a while, we talked for a while and one thing led to another: we f*cked.

We slept together and the next morning we did it again, she went to the gym with me, I drove her to work and she’s gonna meet her boyfriend there later.

I honestly have no idea of what’s going on with her, to me it’s free easy sex, for her I’m pretty sure there’s something else going on because she already has someone, and yet, she came to me with excuses just to have sex with me again.

And I’m not going to ask.

I’ll keep acting like I don’t care, if free sex comes walking to my door, so be it.

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