Forgive Sins

Dear God, Forgive me for my masturbation, and looking at porn. I know its wrong, help me to do what is right.

Confessed by: Kar
Gender: Female
Country: United States

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  1. glad it’s not just me that is the same craving constantly and keep taking riskier risks pushing the limits,getting caught doing things to dddd fuel my needs every day and even several times a day too , its not so bad now im 18 but sometimes it has been sooo embarrassing me thinking no one is watching ,but me nievlilly thinking oh well if I get caught it will be hot getting fkd senseless by whoever is trying to see between my knicker-less legs at school by a hot teacher but no instead calling my parents, rubbing one out with just and only a dressing gown and blanket covering my with family over visiting or when in a tent on a family camping holiday and someone says “i take it you will wash your hands before we eat with where my fingers have been as much as I think no one noticed what I was doing ,and why when smuggling my ua tight ass into clubs in my secret dress that my parents think should be banned for even adults to wear and is probably more like underwear than a party clubbing or even a hookers dress lol not that id wear underwear when out clubbing lol, there’s always someone like a family friend or member that either works there or is touching me up not realizing who i am not thinking it can possibly be little innocent not old enough to be there or drink or be in the toilet bent or the cistern either pissed n pukin,getting a gd hrd fx, or before that powdering my nose , even stayed at my nans summer holiday she asked me what i had left in her shower stuck to the tiles or something not just falls out my bags but rolls all over the floor for everyone to see what a naughty slut i am instead of the innocent teen they are remembering a was or i use to pretend to be lol,cheated on my bf and after we shagged or i had sucked him off or whatever still dobs me in even if we had no chance of being found out ,think everyone in my village knows who’s fkd me and when , whys it so bad me just craving what my body and mind want , surely other ppl loves it as much as I do and needs it too or is something not right with craving this ?xx

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