Blacks Shouldn’t Mate

I don’t think that black people should make babies together because they’re producing kids that’ll face hardships for being black. Blacks should mix and make biracial kids so that they’ll have an easier time. And I say that as a black person.
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  1. You are a sick bastard ! I think you are a sick bastard, being a Black how can you say something like that ?
    I am also a black man and I understand why you are saying that, it is because you’re not getting laid with white chicks… grow up man grab some nice black ass, marry and multiply

  2. I Agree. I’m not going to say that I “Hate” black people but I won’t say that I “Like” black people. Honestly, I hope that one day they will be banned from Australia. It’s been proven by science that black people have no soul. Those niggers are just a bunch of evolved moneys and gorillas. No homo.

  3. @iagree you sick silly person – get a therapy-appointment!
    you australians once came from a bunch of unwanted prisoners sent from europe.. first think, then write, idiot

    @blacks shouldn’t mate
    i understand your feelings about being harrassed.. but do u really think all of them shouldn’t mate? i think society MUST change, not forbiding blacks to mate!

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