I was sexually assaulted in a bus

I am 17 (F) I was sexually assaulted when I was just a kid I don’t even remember what age I was I just remember what happened, my dad use to work in a different state than where our house was so my mom and me were taking a bus to visit dad but the bus was full with only one seat left so mom set at that seat and I set on her lap but after half an hour of our ride the man who was seating next to ask my mom if she wants me to sit on this lap as her legs must be sore by now so my mom transferred me from her lap to his and our ride was 2 hours length so for next 1 and a half hour I set on that stranger lap and he kept touching my vagina as I was wearing dress my mom didn’t see his hand and I don’t know why I didn’t tell my mom about it I should have I really wanted to tell mom I can remember thinking about it to her but till now I haven’t been able to tell her anything

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  1. Im so sorry to hear this happened to you, its natrual to feel scared in confused in these situations. you can still report the man to the public transit and hopefully they have cameras in the bus showinng he did it. Confronting it takes more energy sister but in the end it takes alot less from you. As you can probably tell ima male and aroudn your age and I was abused multiple times in kindergarten by someone a few years older than me and i couldnt understand why he wanted it to be some secret club or something. Im still trying to work out what that did to me as a child as its only been within the past 2 years did I start to come to terms with taken advantage of sexually. I remember on road trips he would sit in the back of the car with me having a blanket covering us. Eventually i feel his hand moving closer and closer and then hes raching for my penis. this type of stuff took place over a few year in some key moments of development for me.

  2. SOrry i mis read you cant do anything really, we are both in kinda the same situation. Ive always have questioned my sexuality too and its all just weird looking back at it to me. People around me told me he raped me and took advantage which i agree, but why is it I cant see iteffect me in my daily life. I mean im sure it does alot but i was a kid and my old male friend wanted to play a ‘game’

  3. I am a large male. But i endured stuff as a boy. I used it as fuel to never let anyone harm my children.
    But I am sorry you went thru that.

  4. A confession by definition is about guilt. But you are not guilty of anything. You were just abused by a pervert.

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