Songs On The Radio Are About Me

Songs on the radio are about me.

I have told myself for years those beautiful songs are helping a lot of you.

Well I broke the heart of the woman I thought was forever. Then I broke the songstress heart again.

So now I’m listening to new songs about me. Not all of the songs.

The sad thing is we are all very good people. They are basically perfect.

I try to make them hate me. Instead I get songs from one & tears from the other.

I wanted both of them to hate me. I hope they never realize I intentionally hurt them.

They were supposed to just hate me. The songs have helped so many. I hope they all hate me.

I hurt those who love me. So I want everyone to hate me. I hope all of you hate me.

I read that maybe I’m not real. Well I don’t even feel real anymore.

Why do they both think its them? Its me. Three kind people hurting each other.

I used to wonder about who inspired songs. Its not the who. Its the shared pain.

All of you get to hear the pain I caused. Well I hurt my children's mom even more.

And I’m hurting so bad I feel I’m disappearing. The songs allow you to hear what your feeling.

They also allow me to both hear what I’m feeling, & what I caused.

I’m not worth a single tear. All these people lost around our world. I cry for them.

I cry for the disabled children trapped in their rooms or themselves.

I cry for the gay children who are hated for being different.

I cry for the oppressed around the world. I cry for those children being hurt.

I cry for women being abused. I cry for the homeless. I cry for the children forgotten.

I cry for the those mocked by others. I cry for the broken hearted.

I cry for the hearts I’ve broken. It hurts me to know I caused pain in those I care about.

I cry for every little disabled child who feels unwanted.

I cry for every child who is bullied at school. I cry for every child who sets at home forgotten.

i cry for every woman who thinks she’s fat or ugly.

I cry for every little white boy who feels he’s hated for being both white and a boy.

I cry for every little black boy who thinks being white would make the world love him.

I cry for those with no home. I cry for those with no one to talk to.

Its lonely setting alone isn't it? I cry that God didn’t do a better job making me.

I wanted to be good. I’m just not. I wanted to help.i just couldn’t. I tried.

But I could not do it. I tried to bring light and love to the world. But theres nothing in me.

I refuse to cry for me. But I never wanted to be known. I don’t want to talk to anyone.

I just saw the world hurting & tried to change it. But when I look inside me.

Theres nothing there. Somehow someone found me. They were left disappointed.

I have to admit that was a good prank. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Get the vax. Protect each other.

Be kind to each other. We’re all suffering. The person crying on the radio was hurting.

Just like you. Just like me. Just like the woman I hurt. None of us deserved to be hurt.

Those we hurt didn’t deserve it either. I wish I could undo it.

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