my guilt tortures me

ive touched three dog vaginas and humped three dogs backs and i feel so guilty im 11 halfway to 12 im currently going through puberty ive read this isnt all that unormal i hate my self for what i did i need to confess i cry at what i did ive cut myself over hate thinking i deserve this pain i have 4 scars over this on my arms i am not emo or goth im a regular kid but i hate my self at what i did please dont judge me i am doing good deeds over this trying to make myself feel better i really hope confessing will make me feel better please forgive me i truly hate myself over this and again im do sorry for what i did please please forgive me
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  1. treat animals with love i can understand your feelings boy,just forget whatever you have done in the past, if possible go back to those dogs and give them some thing to eat, make them feel happy– this will help your soul…. and as far as your sec life is concerned- i request you to watch more porn and masturbate every day, this will keep your sex life in control till you find a girlfriend to fuck……

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