My GF doesn’t know what a fag I am

I’m a closet fag cocksucker. I love cock especially big black cock. I love the taste and smell of a black man’s cock. My GF doesn’t know what a fag I am. I love to suck blacks guy’s balls and ass. I rim ass and suck their butthole. I need cock everyfay. I hope my gf doesn’t find out I’m a fav whore for black men. John Armstrong, Burbank Il.

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  1. Please break up with her,she deserves happiness too .If you are in the closet ,i understand having a girlfriend pretty much helps avoid any questions regarding your sexuality but we should all for the most part should try to be decent and the right thing to do is break up with her and live your life secretly or publicly as a gay man or maybe you are bi in that case ,you probably tell her .I hope everything goes well,take care.

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