I am Now Feminine

Aince confessing on here a year ago about being caught by my wife in her panties garterbelt and bra on my knees suckink our gay neighbor David Feminos cock and becoming her cuckold husband ,I now after a year of womens hormones ,my wife got a doctor she was fucking to write precribtions for me I now am what I would never admit before a lover of men and there cocks and love being fucked up my ass,and my tits have grown and my nipples are larger then my wifes ,which she loves and I am so feminine ,that I now hang out with the girls and my wife and even go out to the bars together to see who gets the first cock to suck that night and with all the hormones and make up ,I am so far ahead of all the girls and let them kmow it all the time ,I am looking forward with the help of her boyfriend the doctor I will soon be in a program to have my testicles removed and a sexual change ,so I can finally have my biggest dream come true to be fucked in a pussy like a women ,get rid of those u gly test icles and little cock and become the women my wife knew I was meant to be from the start,my new name has been voted on by the girls and it will be brianna j Burke so i can have the cute nickname B J Burke,So spread the new girls there is a new women coming ,and if any men are reading this ,I love big cocks and really masculine men ,Briann

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  1. Aince :

    I loved your cock-sucking story, because I, too am a gay faggot, and I love sucking cock.
    Someday, I hope to get my fat, feminine ass fucked. There is no greater feeling than getting caught while blowing a gay neighbor. I got caught by my mom and my sister while I
    had his huge cock down my throat, while he was playing with my balls.


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