When there is a sexy puctutre with a lady in clothes that are designed to be attractive i tend to try t get a look. I am a fool for this, when i get a smile or get oticed by attractive lady i tend to keep thinking aout it and produce lust.
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  1. VXDDjcNZFlvBTSiegt Come on Michael! It’s time for a blog reveal (but I’m rellay good at keeping secrets if you want to tell someone…I mean we are due date buddies…no pressure ha!) Yea guns! Must be a Midwest thing for sure. I couldn’t imagine not owning 1.. or 4. Not that I’m a huge gun enthusiast but hubs likes to hunt and I feel that we have the right to c&c. Can’t wait to hear what you’re getting! That cracks me up that you know, and that it’s wrapped 🙂 happy holidays friend!

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