discreet s..x addict

I used to be a sex addict. I overcame that in my 20’s and NOW, I’m having the same urges again in my 30’s. I haven’t had sex in 3 months and I just want to jump any guy. But, I’m so scared of STD’s or getting pregnant. I’m struggling w/ the urges and I masturbate everyday. So far, my vibrators have been helping me cum, but I want the real thing! I get wet just from guys flirting w/ me. I’m just a horny slut who’s about to explode soon!
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  1. take it easy if ur really that desperate to have sex, but afraid of stds and getting knocked up, use a condom! and if u dont want to get into sexual endeavors with complete strange, do it with a friend who’ll understand what ur going through.