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    I Want Confess About My Boyfriend

    Hi.I want confess about my boyfriend.He was ignorant.and selfish.He never remember my birthday after all we done.We getting married next year.I always there to help his problem.He dont want hear any problem from me.I lonely.I always alone standing alone. More

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    I Hate My Inlaws And Want Them To Die

    I hate my inlaws and want them to die. I daily pray they shud die. They never go out of mind and disturb my mental peace. And always play ming games. I was so true to them and loved them like anything. They always took the advantage of my innocence and real behavior. They ar […] More

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    Idk I Love Someone Who Had Friendzoned Me

    idk i love someone who had friendzoned me. so I declare him as a brother to throw that feeling away. but when He broke up with his GF he say he don't want to be in relationship anymore. but HE kinda tryin to close to me. I tried to put some gap like awkward gap […] More