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    Bitch Shut Up

    i always give the cat love. don’t be telling me like i don’t know. that’s why i avoid you like the plague because you are irritating. bitch go suck a dick and get a job with your ugly ass. More

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    I am an ABS whore

    I went to the ABS in Duncansville where they aren’t to friendly and check quite often. The booths have windows and there was a guy in the next booth. I put on a vid & knelt sucking my finger. he left his booth for a minute and was talking to someone in the hall and […] More

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    truck driver’s bitch

    I’m a truck driver’s bitch. I met him at a dinner on the way back to college, eating at the counter. He gave me a ride, we stopped at a rest stop and he took me into the back of the cab. He took out his schlong, I looked at it and just went for […] More