With Elder cousin sister

Cant get over it….she was virgin, even got first orgasm wiith me she said. After our 1st time – mutually attracted 2 each other..she asked me not to do with any other girl in my life….I asked her that does she not want her yunger brother to have a normal family? she did not say anything ..

I thought she will stop with me but she continued as there was no one for her probably and she liked the feeling i gave her with slow foreplay…once when we were together i asked her to say “i love u” but she said ” i like you, i like you , i like you” and hugged very tightly so i reached deeper in her…..She even asked for doing after my marraige..she never married.

My wife has found out from such confessing mails of mine…she has concluded that my elder cousin sister used me for her physical needs and that I ws innnocent! anyhow i keep remembering all the sessions wiith my cousin as we only did it and never talk anything. i am 44 now, she is 54. I need to forget all this…help

What should I do? let me know.

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