Met some random guys and then freaked out

I met this certain someone a few months ago through a game, they were kind. They asked which country I’m from and I told them, they also asked my first name which made me confused but told them anyway…

A few weeks went by and they confessed that they were a boy and that they were gay so I said it’s fine and they also said that they were from Singapore… Time skip after a month they ask if I know any chatting platform so I suggested discord so we started chatting in discord and they confessed that they were a working adult so I said it’s fine cuz we’re just friends.

Time skip again they started calling randomly and they started to ask me for pictures of my surroundings but I didn’t send any except for a picture from our rooftop (that was a dumb idea btw) then a few weeks later they confessed that they were from the same country as I do and that made me shocked cuz they lied (i can’t deal with liars) and that their intentions were true but I forgave anyway on that same day they started calling three times in a row.

The discord ringtone makes me anxious so I didn’t answer I told them I can’t I’m too anxious and they told me it’ll be fine.. (i was not fine after that). I answered one of their calls and when I heard their voice I knew that I made a mistake, of course, I didn’t speak at all and left the call.

I messaged my best friend panicking and told her about them. I was so scared for some reason, my BFF told me that I need to block him and unfriend him. I had a funny idea to prank him then leave.

I pranked him and I deleted my discord account but I needed to wait 14 more days until my accounts get deleted. After that, I and my BFF are closer than before, but it’s not a happy ending yet,
after that whole situation, my anxiety got worse and I started to think that they would try to find me and that they would appear in front of our house.

I told my BFF about that and she said I’m just overthinking.. I’m traumatized by it and it got to a point where I’m not playing that same game.

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