One Man’s Rubbish, Anothers Gold

Lord, I Nitin Rajinikant Desai could not handle the break up of my ex and qickly found Tejal Pandit and covered everything past is past. I admit we got married had our moments. Lord I made empty wishes towards my wife. I never put anything on her name only where appropirate, incase we where to get divorced she would go back where she came from empty handed, I spent enough on her to make her fall in love with me.

Lord, I made my wife well tried making my wife a servant of my home! I admit slapping her because she spoke to my friend! Lord how silly of me not to realise that boyfriend girlfreind and friend all end with the word end!

Husband and wife are a Family! Lord I admit I had good times was so lost in my charm playing my wife blind and being possesive towards her telling do this don’t do that! Lord help me in the time you inflicted on me!

Just because I gaind my education and materialistic shit in life, it was all mine Tejal Desai had no share!

These are strict rules of my family! I follow others not knowing I had a wife, who when wanted to put things straight I became aggresive towards her! I was the man of the house! I done nothing wrong!

Nitin :

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