promiscuos pk

my younger sister and i went with our parents to a foreign country where they were doing mission work. we were left in the city to go to school, where we were in jr high.

we spent a lot of time with headmaster’s family. he had a brother who was in his mid 30s at the time. he always stared at me. one day i caught him staring at me and confronted him and asked him what he was looking at. he didn’t answer, but i knew what it was so i took his hand and put it on my boob. i told him to feel them, and get over it. then i grabbed his crotch, and while he had his hand on my boob i kept my hand on his crotch.

the next time we were at their house, he followed me into the bathroom, and grabbed me and kissed me and felt me up, both top and bottom. he unzipped and took his thing out put my hand on it. real different when it was in his pants, holding it got me real exited. he could see that in my eyes.

he felt me up some more, not a word was said. he put his hand down my pants while i held his cock. i was so wet, and he fingered me a bit, then he zipped up and told me to come with him.

we went to this bedroom and he told me to take my pants off, and i did what he said. he took of his pants and pushed me back on the bed. when he crawled on me he was so hard, and he was very intense. he spread me and with his hand he put his cock in my vagina, and thrusts. he fucked me pretty hard. after he pulled out he gave me his hankerchief to clean up.

after that, he took me as often as he could. i never said no. for the entire time we were in country i was his lover, all the way to the 11th grade, when we left.

not the best way to get initiated into womanhood, but that’s how it came about. i still think of him sometimes, like now, and other than his age, i was no different than other highschool girls of the time.

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