I’m a volunteer in a senior home (do some maintenance) and I have several sexual affairs with some of them women living there. At first it was just curiosity and now pure lust.

I only have to give them some attention, being friendly to them and they’re willing to have sex with me, often invite me to come back for more.

Some are shy at first but after that they to let go of their reservations and i notified they like it as much as i do.

I preferably like the full figured ones, not the skinny and they have to be in good health, I’m a young african american of 23.

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  1. rrxTMTsM We want to order some stuff, but first we need to settle stuff aurnod here wif our dad’s things and da house and what not. And we’z glad yoo guys is gonna be der, cuz, we need new stuff.

  2. hhmS9W6ENqan I was just in your shoes this past summer. My ex-husband did that exact thing to me on a Cougar weitbse Bless his freaking soul, he even came up with a raunchy on-line name for me: EasyMeat nice-huh? All I simply did was thanked him for the 32 responses I had within 20min-(LOL) and then I canceled the account. I also contacted customer service like you did, so that there would be a record of it, and that’s where it stopped. In my e-mail I also informed him of that and added that those places have your IP address so it didn’t do him well to deny it was him. I believe you’ve done what you can but if you are in a situation where the uncertainity of your chid/childrens future lays then I would definitely notify your lawyer of the event. I wish you luck!!

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