Tie Me Up While I am Dressed as Joanne in a Public Place

When I was 18 years old, I went & got a hotel room for the weekend so that I could dress up & become Joanne for the entire weekend. I loved being seen wearing a short dress & heels with my long hair piled in a bun atop my head, my red fingernails & toenails matching my red lips. I would stand at the railing overlooking the parking lot offering a nice view of my hairless legs encased in suntan pantyhose for all to see.

Around 11:00 pm the phone rang in my room, it was a guy who said he saw me on the balcony & was wondering if I would like some company, I told him yes, that would be nice, so he came up to my room. We chatted for a little then he asked me if I liked to be tied up, I never tried it but I was game.

He tied my hands behind my back & also tied my legs, I couldn’t move. He then forced me to perform oral sex on him & a little later he had anal sex with me. When he was done he went thru my purse & took my money then left me on the bed tied up, he said the maid would untie me in the morning. I was so embarrassed to be found like that but I was also turned on, I would like to find a man or a woman that would tie me up while I am dressed as Joanne in a public place like outside of the mall or at an adult book store & leave me there

By: Joanne

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  1. I had an experiance like that also one time . I Invited a strange man in my motel room and we partied together.He talked me into letting him tie me up in a few positions and he took pictures of me all dressed up and restrained with my cell phone ,several of me sucking his cock and then while he fucked my sissy ass.When he decided to leave he took all of my money,copied down my drivers license information and also took my cell phone.As he was leaving I pleaded with him to un tie me and he laughed and told me someone would be along to do that for me and he left not locking the door. Not long after three men walked in and told me their friend told them to stop by and help me out and they took turns using me till the next morning and also left me helpless. The maid eventually found me and got the manager and he released me and I got out of there fast.Less than a week later my boss and some friends but worse my wife recieved several of the pictures that were taken on my cell phone .

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