Addicted to Sister-In-Law

A 5 weeks ago, I had sex with my sister-in-law And now I can not stop thinking about it, every time I do, I get aroused. Every time I even think of her I get aroused. Our families have been close for years and our kids are very close. We often go on vacations together, which makes matters worse. Now if I know I’m going to be around her, I wear tight underwear to hide the erection. It happened the 3rd day of our vacation to the mountains. I had spent most the day chopping wood and doing yard work. So that night, we started a fire and all sat down to watch TV. Before long I fell asleep. Next thing I wake up, to what I think is my wife making love to me and I’m about to explode inside her. My wife often does this, when she wants it, she hops on top and has her way with me. She swears that one time I completely slept through it, but I find it hard to beliieve. Anyway, she starts to wiggle and grind in ways that I have never felt her do before, but only on about 1/2 my shaft, but I figure she is turned on by making love in the living room were we could get caught. It felt amazing and I could feel her juices dripping down me and starting to make a cool wet spot on the couch. Then I hear her trying to restrain the noise as she is about to Orgasm, and I realize this may not be my wife! Startled, I froze, but her pace increases. Now I thrust up into her, but feel myself hit something and she pulls away. Now I’m almost positive this is not my wife, me and my wife fit together perfectly, but I can’t stop. I reach up and put my hands on her breast. They are small and perky,,, this is not my wife!! Suddenly she orgasm and hers sets off mine with and explosion like nothing I’ve ever felt before! She softly lays down on top of me and says “that was amazing”. Now my mind is really racing! What have I done!? What was she thinking!? But it was so good, I still want more! I slide her up and start teasing her nipple while thinking, we are going to get caught,, but this is so
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  1. Similar..And it’s ok My ex-sister in law (ex-wife’s brother’s ex) and I got along well. She was from Italy and had hot European looks and a fit, smoking body. “Laura” and I connected as the family outsiders, and one day I approached her in the kitchen. Went up behind her and wrapped my hands around her half-shirt exposed waist, joking “Mmm..Mmm..”.

    We were alone, and she not only took the advance, but responded by sinking her hands down my pants. Told me in Europe this is all ok and she and “Will” weren’t having sex lately anyway, so, “Come with me”, leading me to the guest bedroom.

    She’s still one of the most beautiful, sexually wild women I’ve ever been with. Sucks we don’t have much contact since our respective divorces. Oh, well..Was great sex while it lasted (a few months).

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