An Unconventional Relationship with My Instructor

I feel elated when my instructor praises me and compliments my outfits. She is an older French woman with a thick accent and an impeccable fashion sense. She always dresses well and says things like, “You are a very good student,” “You are very obedient,” “It’s a pleasure to have you in class,” “You are very smart,” “You work so hard,” and “You are bound for success.”

She often brags about me to other students and instructors in my presence and flatters me frequently. At this point, her compliments are so obvious that it almost feels like she knows what she is doing. Sometimes, while praising me, she will sit on the desk, which drives me crazy. I crave her praise.

I dress up in a suit and tie and work extra hard on purpose to receive her sweet, sweet compliments.

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