House party..

I admit, this is going to sound like too many other “house party and I was drunk” stories, but it’s not. Having a longstanding thing for my hot older sister, this is about a party we had long ago. In short, yes, the parties we had were booze (and other things)filled blowouts, but, I could also always count on my hot sister to first, get drunk, and second, be handled, grabbed, groped, and touched by about as many guys who attended. They know how she got, too. One year, she was, even for her, way over the drunken edge. She was standing near the basement doors and calling downstairs to whomever, and I got into the act. Cozying up behind her, I placed my hand atop her long, red nailed fingers, leaning in to talk to her. My other hand was planted firmly on her ass, squeezing tight and several times. “Hey, now..Thassmyass” she slurred out. “Whacha want?”, also continuing to call down to whomever. Moving my hand from her ass and up her green-striped half shirt, I went for her tits, too. “These..Like everybody else gets” I brazenly told her. “Wait till later when everybody’s gone..I’ll give you a shot at me..If you’re up for it” she said in a sly manner, thinking I wasn’t up for it. Later on, as she laid passed out on her bed, and the house empty, I admit..I had at her for the first time. The next day, she was still drunk and hung over, and I did it to her twice. When she was well enough to ask about anything WE did, I lied to her. “Nothing..You just let me feel your ass a little”.. Only I knew better!
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