married sissy

i’m a bi married sissy crossdresser,i work noghts so i am home in the day and my wife works days,i like to dress up in pantyhose bra,heels wigs,make up and invite men from online to my house and let them use me like a sissy

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  1. I am too, I love being dressed up in my panties and girl things for men, and having them make me do naughty things for them

    • Oh Lord, isn’t having a man wonderful? I so enjoy being his sissy, pleasing him, satisfying him, making him ever so creamy and happy! Lord, how I want to be a girl for him!
      Sissy Roxanne

  2. i do the same thing,mt wife and i work different times same as yours,i put an add on double list for an alpha man and i got it ,the only thing is he took pictures of me sucking his dick and now he wants to show them to my wife

  3. .my wife announced her boyfriend was going to pick her up in a few minutes and she said I could stay and meet him or leave and she would be back home around midnight. She was hoping I would just leave so she could just go ahead and enjoy the evening. With out me interfering with me being ackward meeting him . I told her I was going to leave and let them enjoy their evening . She called down the staircase that she was going to get ready. And I should not answer the door. She would greet him . But I surprised her by getting dressed in one of my hidden maid’s outfits with very shiny red panties. I put on make-up and one of my favorite long wigs. When the door bell rang a thought came to me that it might not be her boyfriend but I figured I would deal with that as it happens. When the door bell rang I answered it my wife didn’t hear it . He just stood there and I asked him in and I would tell the lady of the house he was waiting for her. He simply asked who I was and I just told him I was the maid. He asked me if her husband was around I told him no he no longer lives here. And could I get him anything to drink while he waits. He kept staring at me and I knew he was looking at my shiny red panties he gently slapped my pantied butt .

  4. Well now her boyfriend lives with us and he is now he is considered the only man in our house. He has had sex with both of us. Me and my wife are wearing dresses now. He is the only one wearing pants in this house. Me and my wife competes everynight for his attentions. After two years my breasts are now bigger than hers and that makes her so mad.

  5. HI I am Seanette55 I am a married man and I am a crossdresing sissy and I LOVE COCK… I am fully shaved and lotioned daily… I am silky smooth and feminine I have a small tight sexy gurly ass…. my cock is smallish barely 6″ hard … I am submissive and OBEDIENT … I love to serve … My wife has No clue I crossdress and LOVE COCK…I have tons of clothes Heels Nylons thigh highs pantyhoes panties Butt plugs dildos silicone cocks (” x 5.5 inch I can take every inch in both holes… I probably should be outed and confess to my wife … HONY You Husband is a sissy Faggot Crossdresser and SHE LOVES COCK… CUM ..FUCKING public sexposure seanette55 @ outlook . Com Buffalo/Tonawanda, NY I do so LOVE MY wife … BUT I have been brain washed from watching 1,00’s of sissy Hypno Videos and gay / tranny sex that I have been transformed… I am also pumping my nipples and titties and they are Growing ..

  6. YESSSSSSSSSSSS You lucky GURL…. My wife is always home I never have time alone to dress and be the sissy gurl I LOVE TO BE My name is Sean Carey but I am really Seanette I LOVE COCK LOVE TO DRESS SISSY SLUTTY and FEMININE…. I am fully shaved and lotioned daily.. Silky smooth feminine body…

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