Black Old Woman Lover

I’m helping an old African American neighbor of 68 with her shopping because she has difficulty with walking.

I have the hots for that bbw lady for a long time. I’m 31 now, Caucasian and single.
Now that I’m helping her I’ve made my move to her, and she didn’t refuse me.

For some time now she shares her bed with me and we use products from to make it more interesting. I’ve notified she likes it a lot because sometimes she call me more than once a week to come over.

The only thing, she told me, is she has to take care because her only daughter may not find out because she will be very angry at her when she finds out.

Is it bad what I’m doing?

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  1. Why, that old lady seems to like it too because otherwise she wouldn’t call him/her to stay the night with her.
    I wish them many hot nights for a long time!