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Confessed by: jane Gender: Female
From Country: United States
Confessed on: 2011-01-10 22:03:11
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Hes so rough with me

My boyfriend is so sweet, or so I thought. I fell in love with him and I love making love to him but he has become very aggressive with me lately. Im kinda short and hes really tall, so he towers over me. He kinda pushed me around and screamed at me. When he calmed down he hugged me and wiped my tears. Since he has never hit me, Im starting to get turned on by this roughness. At night he waits for me to go to sleep and he begans to start stroking his dick. He then grabs me while Im sleeping (this is very startling) and he shoves his dick inside me wet or not. I love his roughness but something tells me that in the end this is going to turn into something I may not like. One time he fucked me so hard until I cried. He didnt stop, he just said "Dont cry now"
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  "I love his roughness but something tells me that in the end this is going to turn into something I may not like." Those are your instincts guiding you. I had a boyfriend with who I started having rough sex. It wasn't long until he was punching, shoving and grabbing me in the absence of sexual activity. You know the right thing to do, you already said so. Perhaps you are a dominate female who finds it stimulating to be dominated, but if you have bad intuition now, I'm telling you, it won't get better. Good luck and make good choices! There are some men out there who would love to please you, and respect you.  
Reply by:thoughtful (Female) On: 2011-01-29 04:51:44

Get out now!
  Sorry to have to say this, but it sounds as though he has deep hostility to women, and rape fantasies. You're quite right that this is going to turn into something you may not like - in fact be honest, it already has, hasn't it? Leave this nasty man now, before he really harms you in some way.  
Reply by:Marty (Male) On: 2012-07-11 05:01:54

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