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Confessed by: mrs. appiah Gender: Male
From Country: US
Confessed on: 2009-06-25 07:42:10
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Once I Cheated on my husband

my name is mrs. appiah.

I need you and advice. i love my husband very much but yet when my ex boy friend return from the USA, i slept with him. and haven't stop calling and chating with him. we even plan to spend more time together when he return this christman. but i have no real love for him now but still want to have afair with him.

Please advice me what should I do?
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Once I Cheated on my husband
It seems that you have cheated your husband once...and goign to cheat him again if you trust your husband i will suggest dont keep affair/sleep with your ex boy friend, However you can still keep only friendship with him.....
Reply by:Imrankhan (Male) On: 2009-09-11 01:46:33

  Classic case of love v/s lust. Sex if something which makes all of us so greedy that we can do anything..take risks, lie, etc. My advice is that be happy that u did it once and didn't get caught. if u still want to go ahead, be very careful...dont get caught girl:)  
Reply by:V (Male) On: 2009-12-08 06:59:25

Once I Cheated on my husband
  same thing was happend with my sister. her chatting was caught by her husband . i was called to solve the problem . the husband was after giving her divorce . i tried assure him that there is nothing between them except friendship . fournately there was nothing like , they made love or met someware stuf like that . i convinced him it wont happen again .and after too many conditions he accepted her . but it was a very shameful could've we faced our reletaives,society .we would've lost our respect . and what abt sister . would her lover have accepted her with her child ?there are too many questins to face in this situation . so you are like my sister.don't do this . stop your asosiation with your lover immidiately and live faithfully with your husband. good luck.  
Reply by:kiran vagal (Male) On: 2010-05-13 02:44:45

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