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Confessed by: dg23 Gender: Female
From Country: United States
Confessed on: 2010-11-27 16:33:12
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FUCK YOU grandma and all your children!

fuck my grandma and her children!

i hope they all die!

they ruined my life, they ruined me...

i'll drag them all to hell with me if i have to.
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  What did they do to deserve this? (Not that they don't or anything, because for all i know they could be murderers)I'm just wondering, because it sounds like they did something serious and i enjoy going on this site to help people and i want to help you too, but i can't if idon't know what's wrong.  
Reply by:Confused (Female) On: 2010-12-02 22:31:57

I'd fuck your grandmother and all of her children
  Yeah basically, no homo  
Reply by:James (Male) On: 2010-12-29 04:43:57

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